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Between Hardcore Punk and Zen – Early to the Party with Dimentia 13’s TV Screen Head

  Dimentia 13 TV Screen Head Zero Defex reunited in 2009, perform “Drugs” Dimentia 13 in 1988 perform “Mesmerized” Dimentia 13 is what happened to a world-known Zen teacher and writer before he moved to Japan and after he left his old-school hardcore band. Still interested? Then definitely do read on. Dimentia 13’s TV Screen […]

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Another Blast from the Past – An Excerpt from a Review of an Agop Gemdjian Exhibit by Sebouh from 2001 – “A Sentimental Surrealist Sculpts…”

  A Sentimental Surrealist Sculpts… By Sebouh Gemdjian – 2001 Like the hum in the caverns of Mount Ararat – a union of maternal song with a primeval, murky pagan howl, Agop Gemdjian’s recent sculptures seem to emanate a certain warmth, while characteristically enveloped in a dark, surreal elegance. The cozy temperament seems to appear […]

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