On getting productive and popular online… (Reddit, Meditation, and going Game of Thrones – Level Viral)

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How to reddit: Marketing Through the Anti-Social Feeding Tube of Social Networks February 11th, 2014   Reddit has earned a high-profile reputation for viral content; even President Obama answered questions on the Ask Me Anything subreddit the day before his State of the Union Address last year. At first look reddit can be off-putting to the uninitiated.  [...]

Free E-Books — Where to Find Them, Where to Promote Them

| March 11, 2014 | 3 Comments

Frequent New Wave and the Art of … Maintenance contributor Sebastian Briglia attempted a new marketing feat for his Fires of 2001 memoir, with a Free promotion on 03/11 and 03/12 combined with an offer of free Binaural Mind-Altering MP3s to those who forward their order confirmation number, after downloading the e-book, to info@memoirs-of-addiction.com. The [...]

New Wave and the Art of Herding Cats — Like Herding Cats Resurrects The Scene — by Sebouh Gemdjian

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            There is a certain inimitable swing, a sway, a wind rocking Dom P. of Like Herding Cats, new wave’s new guard, shaking him from the inside, bringing forth infectious melodies that stand out while they make you dance, because they only fit that recognizable charm, Dom P.’s own effortless style. I’ve heard the future [...]

The Art of Leaky Window Maintenance — by Sebouh Gemdjian

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Rant: I never imagined that buying a condo with gigantic windows and skylights would involve me pacing around trying to figure out where the outside air is sneaking in from. We went on vacation to Costa Rica in the middle of moving in, and returned to a broken furnace. The one we bought the house [...]

Six Steps Down an Internet Rabbit Hole Where The Earth is at the Center of the Universe

| July 22, 2013 | 1 Comments

Imagine the Universe looked exactly the way you see it through your window. Imagine you looked through a telescope and believed everything you saw: A sun and stars that rise in the east and set in the west around a still earth, streching out equally all around you. Then you look for some planets and [...]

Amazon.com’s one-star reviews of World Literary Classics.

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Repeat after me: 3D entertainment is going the way of the 8-track, the flying car, the lunar colony. This is because virtual reality is not achieved by stimulating the senses in elaborate ways — making something look real just makes it boring and cheesy, like high definition television. True virtual reality transcends stimulation of thought [...]

Dark Winged Creatures and Strange Apparitions — by Sebouh Gemdjian

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An Interview with Author Evan Bollinger 1. Where do you come from and where are you going? I’m from Maryland. I like to believe that I’m going up, no matter the angle. It’s fun to aim for the clouds–the ground can get rough on your feet after a while.   2. What is your dream project, [...]

The Cure’s Robert Smith – Secrets of his guitar sound — by Sebouh Gemdjian

| October 6, 2012 | 3 Comments

This post is about the guitar sound of Robert Smith of The Cure, a sound that involves a Roland Jazz Chorus amp, Boss pedals and much more, and we’ll get into the specifics in a bit, but the quest for that sound for me started with a local star from my hometown… Adrian S. is [...]

The Invisible Front – A New Documentary on the Lithuanian Resistance to Soviet Rule – and my Musings on the Myth of America — by Sebouh Gemdjian

| September 16, 2012 | 1 Comments

Recently I saw a Latino teenager on the subway with tattoos peering from beneath his tank top and headphones blaring brass flavored melancholy tones over his doo rag. His face was calm and stoic. Suddenly I noticed his eyes tearing up and becoming red, his expression unchanged, the stillness of his face unable to stop the moisture from drowning [...]

Why I need to convince people to download a free copy of something called ‘New Wave and the Art of Heroin Maintenance.’ — by Sebastian Briglia

| June 28, 2012 | 3 Comments

When I was in college every once in a while I would fall for those help wanted ads in the classified section of the newspaper, titled something like “Do you like Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll?” (I’m exaggerating, of course, but that was the gist). They always ended up trying to get me to [...]