New Wave and the Art would like to thank all of you who submitted entries to the Second Chance for Rejected Writing of All Genres Contest. The winners will be announced on Thanksgiving day, when we will publish two winning stories, and we will continue to publish them in the month of December.

Last year, Edith Shlivovitz (New Wave and the Art Contest Judge Amanda Miller‘s character) shared her life story in “Edith Shlivovitz: Eighty-Five & Still Alive.” This year she’s eighty-six and hard at work on a highly abridged (25 minute) solo version of the beloved Sondheim musical, “Into The Woods.” She is a devout fan of musicals because of their impactful life lessons. Her favorite musical (aka her Holy Bible) is “Into The Woods” due to the inclusion of a heart twisting lesson in every song, likely attributed to all those fairy tales being crunched in there together. Since “Into The Woods” is three hours long and usually somewhat expensive, Edith is creating the abridged, solo, a cappella version as a charity project, summing up its valuable lessons so people in need can experience the show’s profound wisdom and also save some time and money. With a suitcase of wigs, props, and costumes, and at least one line from every song, she’s planning to tour children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, waiting rooms, emergency rooms, psychiatric wards and maximum security prisons. In the meantime, she’ll be premiering it at the Magnet Theater, thinking that it might be a good place to make some connections with doctors, nurses, corrections officers, prison wardens, paramedics, homeless people, hospital receptionists, and the like.

Created & Performed by Amanda Miller
Slot shared with the dashing young Jon Bander
Reserve Tix HERE: This Sun, Nov 23 at 6pm. Magnet Theater.

Our Contest Judge Sebastian Briglia is taking his Realistic Time Machine Sci-Fi stage experiment to video:

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