Just Say Yes – The Liquid Style of Jourdan Rombough

Magician Jourdan Rombough emits such an aura of clout that I can just imagine him waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles with people assuming that he works there and asking him questions. Unanswered questions can be frustrating, especially at the daunting DMV, but if Mr. Rombough found himself in that situation awkwardness would not even be a part of the equation for he has an effective cure for it – a card trick. It is not a sternness at all that gives him this air of authority, an air which incidentaly makes him a very competent conjurer. Quite the opposite, he has a curiosity about him, an eagerness to learn everything you have to teach him. It is his secret ratio of filling the role of a star while also being a fan of his audience that could even make the unending hell of the DMV disappear.

Now that is magic. It is that calm demeanor that reflects attention right back to you that makes him such a successful illusionist. The attitude itself it the enchantment. Too often life seems impossible, so how are we to thread through it without magic? Isn’t life illusion anyway, what with all the roles we have to play? Learning illusion is learning life. This is where observing Jourdan Rombough comes in.

The smiles and giggles that usually follow a Rombough performance are superior to that of a surprised child. It is the joy of an adult finding out that skill can be so flawless it can make life appear magical from within the iron-clad rules of adulthood. It is a confidence transferred not only through Jourdan’s eyes, but through the flow of his motions as well.

Browsing through the videos on his website, jourdanrombough.com, one can see a liquid essence to the way Mr. Rombough conducts himself, like a lake with playful ripples on the surface concealing a deep, confident, equanimous depth. Just seeing it done is an education. You don’t need to know how the trick is done. As you’re trying to follow his slight of hand and failing he’s teaching you to just say “yes” with his entire presence, which is simply saying “yes” to you.

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Watch for an upcoming entry about new wave and the seeds of addiction recovery which may feature an excerpt from New Wave and the Art of Heroin Maintenance posted online for the very first time!


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