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The Invisible Front – A New Documentary on the Lithuanian Resistance to Soviet Rule – and my Musings on the Myth of America — by Sebouh Gemdjian

Recently I saw a Latino teenager on the subway with tattoos peering from beneath his tank top and headphones blaring brass flavored melancholy tones over his doo rag. His face was calm and stoic. Suddenly I noticed his eyes tearing up and becoming red, his expression unchanged, the stillness of his face unable to stop the moisture from drowning […]

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Why I need to convince people to download a free copy of something called ‘New Wave and the Art of Heroin Maintenance.’ — by Sebastian Briglia

When I was in college every once in a while I would fall for those help wanted ads in the classified section of the newspaper, titled something like “Do you like Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll?” (I’m exaggerating, of course, but that was the gist). They always ended up trying to get me to […]

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“Jetlag” – New Wave Heroes Helmed by Smiths Veteran, First Novella of the “Maintenance” series, and Stephanie Rombough’s Lucky Elephants — by Sebastian Briglia

Bassist Andy Rourke of the Smiths used a Yamaha BB200 during the “Meat is Murder” era. A picture of the original one is featured on the gatefold of “Hatful of Hollow.” See the first official video of Andy Rourke’s new band Jetlag below: Andy Rourke is using a Fender Precision Bass in this video, shot […]

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