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The Author of Nogo Gogo and Syd and Darcy on New Wave and the Art of Heroin Maintenance

Beaird Glover, author of Nogo Gogo and Syd and Marcy on Sebastian Briglia‘s Good Lust Charm with a Chill Technique I found myself reading lines over and over, not because I couldn’t understand them, but because I wanted to memorize them. Meticulous insight and inspired perceptions jump off of every page. Briglia writes, “Cheesiness combined […]

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“Jetlag” – New Wave Heroes Helmed by Smiths Veteran, First Novella of the “Maintenance” series, and Stephanie Rombough’s Lucky Elephants — by Sebastian Briglia

Bassist Andy Rourke of the Smiths used a Yamaha BB200 during the “Meat is Murder” era. A picture of the original one is featured on the gatefold of “Hatful of Hollow.” See the first official video of Andy Rourke’s new band Jetlag below: Andy Rourke is using a Fender Precision Bass in this video, shot […]

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